7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Summer Vacation In 2022

With travel restrictions around the globe eased, we’re gearing up to travel again. However, traveling after the lockdowns of 2020 and restrictions 2021 can feel daunting without restrictions. Like most of the population, you may have gotten used to sticking to local tourism. However, the summer of 2022 is almost here, and we’re craving a little getaway! 

If you’re one of the folks finally planning to brave the great outdoors this summer, you may need some clues to give you a headstart. When you’re out of touch, planning a vacation can become overwhelming and a trigger for anxiety- which is ironic, considering you’re taking this vacation to relax!

This blog will give you all the information you need to get packing and plan the most fabulous summer getaway ever. Let’s get started right away!

Your 7-step cheatsheet to planning smart is mentioned below, missing none of the finer details.

  • Research your dream destination well:

    The best way to zero down on a travel-worthy destination is to research it well. Find the best time to visit, historical sites, youth-centric events, and other things you may be interested in exploring. This will help you develop a deep appreciation for the location and help with informed tourism. If you’re mulling over places you could head to, you could read about the best summer getaway destinations we’re dreaming of in 2022!

  • Book your tickets and accommodation early:

    If you’re eagerly waiting for summers to arrive, so are thousands of others waiting to travel. Flights and hotels tend to become more expensive or sell out quickly in such circumstances, which is why once you decide the dates and place for your upcoming holiday, make your bookings as soon as possible. This will also help you receive more discounts and a preferential pick of seats, coaches, or rooms.

  • Create an itinerary and have a backup:

    Once your bookings are out of the way, you can now create an itinerary covering the best places to see. Our advice would be to choose sites that interest you personally over the cult favorites. If you’re unsure how to cover these places, start with the ones closest to your accommodation and change your living arrangements based on the distance you’d like to cover. 

  • Create a budget and stick to it:

    It’s easy to get carried away while planning a trip. You may feel the need to splurge, but decide to be prudent with your spending. Traveling becomes 1.5-2x more expensive than the calculated budget since fairs and detours are variable. This applies to traveling internationally, where foreigners’ currency exchange rates and fares may differ. Plan a budget, even on a luxe package, and stick to it.

  • Pack smart:

    Learning to travel light is perhaps one of the greatest assets of a traveler that loves backpacking. Whether you’re on a luxury destination tourism package or are planning to take the most affordable route, packing smart is a skill that pays off. Pack as per the itinerary with a couple of spares. You’re probably not going to need three paperback novels while the great outdoors beckons for exploration! Traveling light helps you indulge in shopping sprees without worrying about paying for extra baggage. Carry a foldable duffle bag to the shop without worrying about storage space. 

  • Make room for detours and let go a little:

    While some changes in plans are inevitable, they’re not a detriment. Leave some space for spontaneous adventures and let go of your inner urge to micromanage. A vacation is meant to be fun, and what’s fun without spontaneity? Take the scenic route and enjoy sightseeing at underrated haunts. There are plenty of hidden gems you can discover when you get acquainted with the locals.

  • Ensure you look up the COVID-19 protocol of the said destination:

    Even though most of the frequented travel destinations have opened up, some pandemic protocols are still under effect. You must do your homework and look up the latest COVID-19 guidelines as well as quarantine or testing protocols for your preferred location. One of the most crucial aspects to look into is the number of cases or any new variant affecting this region to stay as safe as possible while making the most of your summer vacay goals. Fear Not! Because we have the ultimate Safe Travel Checklist to guide you through your next journey and make your vacation a pleasant and memorable one.

Viaggio Makes Every Vacation Effortless

One of the downsides of traveling after such a long gap is the broken habit of efficiently planning your trip without breaking a sweat. What may have sparked an innate sense of excitement in you may now give you some anxiety thinking of all the preparations, packing, and paperwork involved with traveling. With Viaggio, you wouldn’t have to worry about the big or little things since we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry. We hope our blog got your wanderlust revved up; stay tuned to read more about the hottest travel destinations in 2022!


City lights, Snow Capped Mountains, Rocky Trails, Aurora Borealis, Small Town Vibes, Cultural Amalgamation: Classic Canada

The commonwealth of Canada, also known as the great white north (not the game of thrones one) is the world’s second-largest country and home to 38 million people. Despite its vastness, 90% of the population lives within 150 kms to the American border. One of the benefits of being a large country, Canada has a diverse terrain and weather. This offers visitors a wide range of experiences, from swanky cosmopolitan cities to mountain resorts and maritime cities. 

Determining the best places to visit will be based on your interests and Canada provides travelers a wide range of activities and adventures to soak in the sun or glide through ski resorts.


Downtown toronto city hall nathan phillips square cn tower casa loma

Often mistaken as the Capital of Canada, Toronto is Canada’s largest city and home to the most multicultural city in the world with over 100 nationalities and 3 million people. On the shores of Lake Ontario is the iconic CN tower which is next to the Rogers Center, Ripley’s Aquarium, and Scotiabank Arena – home to the 2019 NBA Champions and NHL team, Toronto Maple Leafs. At the top of the CN tower, you can find fine dining in the revolving 360 restaurant overlooking the lake The LookOut and the Glass Floor offer beautiful views out over the entire area. For an added thrill, consider stepping outside of the enclosed area onto the metal walkway for the CN Tower Edgewalk. This city has quite a few hidden gems if you stroll the streets of Toronto, through the entertainment district, fashion district along with a multiverse of cuisine options in little Portugal, China town, and little Italy. When you’ve had enough of the city’s adventures, you can make your way to Kensington Market, distillery district, harbourfront center, liberty village, queen west, and discover historic neighborhoods and cute cafes/restaurants to experience this multicultural city. 

Pro Tip: The best way to explore the city is on foot and you can always use the share a bike option as well.


Montreal is the second-largest city in the Quebec province, located where the St Lawrence and Ottawa Rivers meet. Like Toronto, Montreal too is one of the most diverse, energetic, welcoming, and forward-thinking cities in North America, with modern street art, an energetic breed of musicians, and a great party scene in its newer parts. Montreal is the second-largest city in the world to speak French as a first language outside of France. So, it’s easy to see why it’s earned its nickname as the ‘Paris of North America.’ The best time to visit is Summer and Fall and especially if you’re a motorsports fan as the iconic Circuit Gilles Villeneuve hosts the Canadian Grand Prix in June turning the city into a festive and carnival-like atmosphere. Old Montreal is where most of the magic happens which includes the landmark Marché Bonsecours in the old town hall building, the beautiful Notre-Dame Basilica, the lively Place Jacques-Cartier, and the 1870s City Hall. Mont Tremblant about 100kms away from Montreal is a snow lover’s paradise. Set within the Laurentian Mountains to the northwest of Montréal, the year-round Mont-Tremblant Ski Resort, on the shores of Lake Tremblant, features acclaimed winter sports like Alpine touring, skiing, dog sledding, hiking, helicopter rides, horseback riding, tours, casino golf courses, and a pedestrian shopping village. 

Niagara Falls

One of the most iconic and recognizable waterfalls and tourist spots in the world, this majestic waterfall draws millions of tourists all year round and you can literally walk up to the edge of the falls, separated only by a cast-iron railing, and see the water as it disappears over the crest and if it’s your lucky day, you might even spot a double rainbow. You can even go down to the falls in the boat tours or glide over them on a zip line. The city that has developed here, also named Niagara Falls, has been greatly influenced by the people and atmosphere the falls have created. A tourist paradise, Niagara Falls has multiple attractions, restaurants, activities, distilleries, and winery tours on Niagara-on-the-lake. Stuntmen and daredevils have tempted their fate on the falls throughout the decades, and as a result, a carnival-style atmosphere has come to define this unique city that still exists today. Just a short drive from Toronto, Niagara Falls is easy to reach, and the city is a fun place to spend a day or two and provides a border crossing to the United States of America. 

Niagara Falls is also known as the honeymoon capital of the world. 

Banff National Park

In the heart of the Rocky Mountains lies Banff National Park in the province of Alberta. Featuring Turquoise colored lakes, snow-capped peaks and pristine white glaciers is a nature lovers’ paradise. A must-visit not only for tourists but also for Canadians, this national park is a destination paradise. Tucked away in the Canadian Rockies, Banff National Park is the oldest national park in Canada, and also one of its largest. Banff National Park is filled with wildlife– the most eagerly anticipated sighting being, of course, the grizzly bear. The crown jewel of the national park is Lake Louise. The town of Banff is the park’s primary settlement, offering the most variety of hotels, shopping and dining along Lake Louise offering tourists luxurious accommodation in a gorgeous setting of turquoise lakes and majestic mountains. Lake Minnewanka and Sunshine Meadows are other smaller villages. With green waters reflecting the surrounding mountains and glaciers, visitors can stroll easily around the shores and soak in the beauty connected with nature. A short distance away is Moraine Lake, another impressive alpine lake with an even slightly more dramatic surrounding.


Canada add



An hour and half drive from the city of Vancouver, British Columbia, Whistler was the scene for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Nestled in the Coast Mountains, this town is famous for its world-class ski resorts and offers tourists, adventure and adrenaline-seeking travellers a wide range of snow activities. Whistler attracts tourists in the summer for hikes, mountain climbing, mountain biking, golf, etc. The Peak-2-Peak Gondola, which joins the two mountains, is an 11-minute, 4.4-kilometer-long ride, offering tourists spectacular views, and is open to skiers or non-skiers year-round. A recently added new 130-meter, Cloudraker Skybridge near the top of the Peak Chair spans a small alpine valley and ends at the Raven’s Nest. The viewing platform provides 360-degree panoramic views of the surrounding area, including world-famous Black Tusk.


One of the third largest cities in Canada, the city of Calgary is situated between the Canadian Prairies and the foothills of the Canadian Rockies. Calgary is home to a large number of skyscrapers with observation decks offering incredible views of the city and the Rocky Mountains. The most notable of these is The Bow and Calgary Tower. There are also many family attractions including a world-class zoo, amusement parks, botanical gardens, and a hands-on science center. The proximity to mountains, with their well-known national parks, makes Calgary an excellent choice for skiing, hiking, or sightseeing vacations. But for those seeking entertainment right in the city itself, there are also plenty of tourist attractions. Especially fun at night is walking the city’s huge Prince’s Island Park and across the iconic Peace Bridge, either before or after enjoying a great restaurant in the downtown core. While the city plays host to several annual festivals of music, film and dance, the most famous is the Calgary Stampede, an Old West celebration held over ten days in July with rodeos, chuckwagon races, parades and competitions. This 10-day affair is one of the most widely anticipated events in Western Canada, with many locals and summertime travelers planning their holidays around the Calgary Stampede. At the Stampede Grounds are daily rodeo events drawing participants from across North America, thrill rides, games, food, and the nightly Grandstand Show. Around town, free “Stampede Breakfasts” are hosted by numerous establishments either at indoor or outdoor locations and usually consist of pancakes.


Set on the shores of the Pacific Ocean, backed by snow capped mountains, Vancouver has the warmest climate in Canada and you can never go wrong with a trip to this beautiful destination on the west coast. You can enjoy outdoor activities all year round without freezing to death. Vancouver Island, which is a ferry ride from the mainland is named after the British explorer George Vancouver, is the largest island off the West Coast of the North American continent and is best known for the gorgeous Butchart Gardens, the surf town of Tofino and the wilderness in the north. Not only does it offer some of the best whale watching in the world – you can even kayak with orca – but it’s also a great spot for bird watching and grizzly bear sightings. As the island is sparsely populated, with most of the population living in Victoria – the capital of BC – you can really soak up the magic of the outdoors.

St. Johns

To the east coast of Canada, in the province of Newfoundland & Labrador lies St. John’s. Rich and colorful, rugged and refined, St. John’s is the creative capital and the beating cultural heart of the province. Looking over the city of St. John’s, you will be reminded of a mini–San Francisco (minus the cable cars). St. John’s provides travelers the ideal balance between nature and nightlife, from the East Coast Trail and its stunning scenery to the colorful entertainment district along George Street. Although it’s the largest city in Newfoundland, the vibe is still very small-town. You can start your day at the very edge of North America, at the captivating Cape Spear, and then head down the east coast trail which leads to spectacular views of the city. The city has a rich cultural and spiritual heritage and you can dine in some of the finest restaurants and experience the local cuisines. After a day of exploring the colorful neighborhoods of St. John’s, unwind and get ready to tap your toes to fiddles and mandolins in one of the city’s many live music venues with generations of influence from Ireland and the British Isles make St. John’s no stranger to pubs, pints, laughs and variety of nightlife.

White Horse

Whitehorse is the Capital of Yukon and one of the largest cities in northern Canada. This Wilderness city is famous for its northern lights sights and ranked #1 in 2011 by WHO for the cleanest air in the world. Whitehorse is home to 25,000 people – more than half the total population of Yukon – and has grown into a major center for arts and culture in recent years. The small but lively territory capital is a hub of the north, standing at the intersection of the Alaska and Klondike Highways, and is only 80 kilometers north of the provincial border with British Columbia. The best time to visit Whitehorse is from January through to early April and you won’t even have to leave the city to witness the spectacular Aurora Borealis, or Northern Lights. You can also sign up for guided tours. This fun four-hour adventure includes pickup at your hotel as part of a small-group guided tour experience that takes you to a remote viewing location in the wilderness, far from artificial light, to maximize your viewing pleasure. Drinks and snacks are provided. At the Yukon Wildlife Preserve you can take a guided tour to see some of the many wonderful creatures including the moose, muskoxen, mountain goats, wood bison, mule deer, woodland caribou, elk, and two species of thinhorn sheep. 

Prince Edwards Islands (PEI)

 Prince Edward Islands or PEI is the smallest province in Canada and one of its loveliest. The rural charms of a rolling green patchwork of farms paired with a coastline of sandy beaches and wildly eroded cliffs studded with lighthouses is a hard combination for tourists to resist. Don’t be fooled, however, there are plenty of fun things to do in Charlottetown. Prince Edward Island National Park occupies much of the island’s central, northern coastline. In the park’s central portion, Dalvay-by-the-Sea historic house was once a regal summer home and is now a hotel and restaurant near Brackley and Stanhope Beaches. The capital city, Charlottetown has a Victorian-era charm and a surprisingly small-town feel. Heritage buildings, including the ornate St. Dunstan’s Basilica and elegant Beaconsfield Historic House, line the city streets. The Confederation Center of Arts is the city’s major cultural hub with an art gallery, museum, and theater, where the Anne of Green Gables musical is performed each summer. Wood Islands Lighthouse, located near the ferry terminal in Wood Islands Provincial Park, has exhibits about the area’s seafaring history and serves as a lookout point. Cape Bear Lighthouse is said to be the first Canadian land station to receive the distress signals from the Titanic. The Confederation Bridge built-in 1997 crosses the Northumberland Strait, connecting Prince Edward Island to mainland Canada and fulfilling the promise of a permanent link made when PEI joined Confederation in 1873. Prior to the bridge, the only crossing was by ferry here or at the eastern end. The 12.9-kilometer bridge is the world’s longest over freezing water and is considered one of Canada’s top engineering accomplishments of the 20th century.

Bonus – Iceberg Festival

You must have heard of bird watching or whale watching but have you heard of Iceberg watching? Well, you heard this right! The communities of St. Anthony, Conche, L’Anse aux Meadows, Raleigh, Roddickton, and Bird Cove in Newfoundland & Labrador celebrate the Iceberg Festival in June, to welcome spring in the north and the annual arrival of icebergs among breathtaking landscapes and seascapes, fantastic fare and good company! From April to August, these 10,000-year-old glacial giants are visible from many points along the northern and eastern coasts, especially on clear, sunny days. They come in every shape and size, with colors from snow-white to deepest aquamarine. Despite their arrival from the Arctic every spring, and their disappearance only months later, our awe of them remains new, year after year. You can hop on to one of the many tours offered and experience these icebergs up close. 

14 Things To Do For Valentine’s Day

As we step into February, it’s almost that time of the year for the lovebirds out there. Yes! You guessed it right. It’s time for Valentine’s Day! In recent years Valentine’s Day has become all about that grand gesture and one can forget the true meaning of Valentine’s Day. 

Do you wish to be more original than the usual chocolate box, the flowers, the fancy dinner? If Yes, then here are 14 Things to do this Valentine’s day with your loved one and recreate the magic.


Book a Luxury Staycation

Leave the everyday hassles at home and treat yourself with a real weekend of romance. Book a stay in your favorite hotel or resort in town or use this perfect opportunity to visit a city or region you have not traveled to before and tick it off your bucket list. 


Order in Your Favourite Dish or from Your Favourite Restaurant

Treat yourself, and your loved one to a special dinner. Many restaurants offer special dishes and deals on Valentine’s Day, like heart-shaped pizza, pasta or desserts. Looking for something a little fancier? Go in for a 3-course meal and indulge your taste buds. 


Make or Order In Your Special Drink

If you enjoy your drink, this is a good time to try out something new and impress your partner. If not then you can celebrate your love by popping some surprise bubbly! See if the hotel you’re visiting offers packages that include champagne and spruce up the love. 

Here are our favorites:

Cupid’s Arrow, Sweetheart Cocktail, Love Potion (alcoholic)

Raspberry Rose Mocktail, Cupid’s Mocktail, Red Velvet Hot Chocolate (non-alcoholic)


Pick Out a Fun Game to Play

When was the last time you played a game with just the two of you? Pick a favorite from the closet, or try a new couple themed game like 36 Questions, Drinking Roulette, Charades and my personal favorite One Word. 


Candlelight Dinner

Why reinvent the wheel? A good meal, smooth music, candles…… you have everything in place for the perfect romantic evening! There’s something about candlelight that is simply magical. Imagine the look on your significant other’s face as they walk into a dark hotel suite, lit only by the glow of dozens of candles lighting up the room. Instant romance! Spice up your at home dinner with candles, a table cloth, festive napkins, and good music. 


Get a Hotel With a Fireplace

Book your stay that includes a fireplace and trust us, it will be totally worth it and add to the romantic ambiance. As the temperatures drop, warm and fuzzy feelings rise with the bonus of cold weather luxuries like hot chocolate with marshmallows next to the relaxing roar of a fireplace. Use filters when searching – it helps!


Take The Romance Out of The Hotel Room And Explore The City

Even if it’s cold where you live, taking a scenic hike is a great way to unplug and unwind this Valentine’s Day. Maybe there’s a favorite spot where you live, or you might want to try one of the unexplored places in your city. Either way, you’re bound to have a fun time because you’re in great company.


Check For Valentine’s Day Packages and Deals

Looking forward to super awesome romantic places this Valentine’s Day? February 14th falls on a Monday this year with many hotels offering some pretty great deals to entice couples looking to get away for a weekend. Keep an eye out for Valentine’s day packages and discounts offered by hotels and resorts and sweeten the Valentine’s day experience. 


Go on a Dessert Safari

If y’all have a sweet tooth, there isn’t a better day or way to sweeten this day! Skip the food, the drinks and dive in straight into the sweetness of your favorite desserts. Dessert Tasting is growing in popularity and many upscale restaurants and sweet houses are curating special menus for sweet freaks. 


Make a Special Music Playlist

Spend some time putting together playlists for each other on your favorite streaming service or go old school and make a mixtape. Choose songs that spark memories of your relationship or simply tunes you know your significant other will love. Then pour some wine, turn on the music, slow dance and reminisce about those memories. 


Order Room Service

Enjoy the service of an upscale restaurant without going through the hassle of making a reservation or worrying about the cheque. Follow through with a cozy breakfast in bed the following morning from the comfort of your bed.


Couples Spa & Massage

We all need a little TLC from time to time. Get your face masks ready, take your jade rollers out of the fridge, and put your moisturizer on standby — you’ll need it. Taking care of each other’s skin is a great way to build your connection. For a bubble bath worthy of a honeymoon suite, surround the tub with candles, sprinkle rose petals in the water, and set a tray of chocolate-covered strawberries and a bottle of Champagne within arm’s reach.


Have a Romantic Movie Marathon or Watch a Sappy Hallmark Movie

Why not stay under the duvet in your comfy (or matching) PJ’s in front of the TV for a good movie for Valentine’s Day? This is the perfect opportunity to discover new movies or to rewatch your favorite movies. Grab the popcorn and settle in on the couch for an evening filled with your favorite rom-coms, like these favorite Valentine’s Day movies.


Small Surprises

Who doesn’t love a good surprise? Everyone loves surprises whether it’s a foot massage, a sweet love note, or even doing all the dishes of the day, take care of your partner. Good moments of tenderness ahead.


Canary Islands


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Summer Road Trip: A Small-Town Adventure

Road trips are always adventurous, but exploring picturesque small towns can be especially thrilling. Whether you’re wandering the backroads or cruising around town you’ll remember these unique journeys forever. For those people who love to explore and not be stuck on a set itinerary, planning a road trip that offers time at various destinations is the perfect idea. Let’s explore some foolproof plans for finding the best place to stay, restaurants to visit, and what to do. 

With this article, you’ll find that road trips are more than just an open road. It’s about unexpected detours, historical landmarks, amazing ice cream shops, and more! 

Make Safety Your Priority

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the way we travel and continues to influence our travel plans and destinations. With the ever-changing situation and uncertainties involved, one must wonder if we will truly be able to enjoy our vacation and travel like the good ole times or live in anxiety for our safety. Fear Not! Because we have the ultimate Safe Travel Checklist to guide you through your next journey and make your vacation a pleasant and memorable one.

Sort Your Accommodation

When looking for a place to stay, check out the stay’s location from the surrounding tourist destination to save up on fuel and time. While this may be a road trip, being able to get out and walk will add to the experience of the ‘small hometown’ feeling. While driving all day may be fun, sleeping in a comforting bed and a hot shower can help you stay energized throughout the summer trip. Thankfully, there are several unique places offering accommodations like secluded cabins in the woods or luxurious inns at the heart of the town. For those traveling with pets, call up the hotel to check their regulations before you make a booking. If you’re finding it difficult to spot a pet-friendly hotel, ask the internet!.

P.S. Don’t forget to write a review – this will help boutique hotels and fellow travelers in their journey! 

Small Towns, Big Food

When it comes to dining, there’s a good reason why people flock to small towns. You can find the local favorites to high-end dining, all within a few blocks of each other. The local meals are always freshly made and super affordable- the delicious aroma wafting off the diners will reel you in– hook, line, and sinker!

Pro Tip: When in doubt, order some of the local comfort food– you may just discover your favorite new dish!

Explore What Local Attractions Have to Offer

Every town has its local specialties and hidden gems; start by searching all the local attractions and shortlist the ones that appeal to you the most. If you’re exploring your own town, it could be home to some iconic landmarks, or its unique cuisine and culture. However, it doesn’t have to stop there! If you love visiting quaint towns, many of them host annual fairs.  Be sure to plan your trip to catch their events.

If you enjoy photography, small towns will give your aesthetic a new perspective. Sure, there’s not going to be a skyline or a landmark to capture in its entirety, but there are still plenty of details to capture. We’re confident that you’ll capture some stunning pictures in the process.

Walk Your Way Into Wanderlust Chronicles

One of the best ways to explore places on your road trip is on foot. You could pick a hiking trail or a mountain top to conquer early in the morning to enjoy the sunrise from. Many such stunning spots are not accessible by vehicles and are hidden away, needing to be explored on foot. Not only does walking have several health benefits, but will also help you reduce your carbon footprint while enjoying breathtaking views. Don’t be afraid to turn this adventure into a group event as you discover interesting coves, cliffs, and valleys!

Hot Spring for summer 2022 roadtrip

Steer Clear of the Heatwaves

Summers bring their set of inconveniences to balance out the beautiful skies and long days! In this case, many locations across the globe witness sudden surges of heatwaves, which can put a damper on your travel plans. It doesn’t take very long to get dehydrated, sunburnt, and exhausted if you’re exposed to excessive heat. It’s essential that you wear comfortable and breathable clothing, preferably organic fabrics and light colors. 

Make sure to slather on high-spectrum SPF generously to avoid absorbing any UV rays and carry the necessary protective gear while exploring new spots. Carry along cotton shorts or coveralls to wear over your swimwear when you’re not in the water. To avoid getting a heat stroke or dehydration, carry restorative fluids and cold packs you can use to stay cool. These sun safety tips will make your trip much more enjoyable.


Before you hit the road, make sure that you and your car are ready to roll! Check on the fluids, tires, and brakes, while remembering to carry emergency supplies and equipment for safety. Most importantly, carry a map and download the offline versions of all the destinations you wish to cover on your phone. We hope you are brimming with ideas after reading our tips above and wish you a magnificent time on this journey!

Safe Travel Checklist

The COVID-19 pandemic has redefined the way we travel and continues to influence our travel plans and destinations. After a long exile, TRAVEL IS BACK and we couldn’t be happier to serve you and make your vacations memorable and safe. 

While countries open up their borders and popular destinations get ready to receive guests, the state of travel has changed. There are new layers of restrictions and procedures put in place for your own safety and the people that will help make your stay a memorable and safe one. 

With the ever-changing situation and uncertainties involved, one must wonder if we will truly be able to enjoy our vacation and travel like the good ole times or live in anxiety for our safety. Fear Not! Because we have the ultimate safe travel checklist to guide you through your next journey.

Check Travel Restrictions

Check your country’s travel advisory, guidelines or restrictions in place for your planned destination. Visit reputable sources for health information and guidelines. Check your country’s travel advisory for popular holiday destinations. 

Pro Tip: Use Sherpa, an independent organization that will guide you to getting the right travel documentation and understanding up-to-date global travel requirements.

Plan and Book in Advance

Many hotels, resorts, airlines and places have a limit on the number of guests that they can serve leading to a shortage and a booking frenzy. In order to avoid disappointments and missing out, book early and well in advance. When you arrive at your destination, call and check if the attractions are open and any restrictions in place.

Pro Tip: The ideal time to book a vacation is between 21 to 28 days. Take advantage of your long weekend for longer getaways.

Travel Close to Home

This is the perfect time to travel to local destinations and explore your country, support local and small businesses while avoiding the risks & uncertainties of international travel.

Pro Tip: Travelling locally will reduce your travel time, save on costs and allow you to make the most out of your vacation, and also contribute to the local economy. 

Flex Booking Policies

Book your vacation with flexible booking options including your flight, hotel or any activities. Most service providers offer ‘free cancellation’ so make sure that you carefully read the cancellation policy before confirming your booking.

Pro Tip: Get at least one hotel elite status or membership. It’s easier to maintain a hotel’s elite status than it is to maintain an elite airline status.

Learn about Cleanliness Measures

Look into the Covid cleaning protocol for your destination, service provider or planned activities. In an effort to maintain transparency, a lot of places are disclosing how they are going above and beyond to keep guests safe. 

Pro Tip: Swipe high-touch zones like doors handles, bathroom fixtures, light switches, hair styling tools, the remote control with disinfecting wipes. Remember, just because you can’t see germs, doesn’t mean they’re not there. 

Personal Protective Equipment

Carry enough masks, disinfecting wipes, gloves and hand sanitizer with you. Even though most places have cleaning and sanitizing protocols, it’s advisable to be extra cautious and carry your own personal protection essentials. Better be safe than sorry! 

Pro Tip: It’s suggested on long bus, train or plane trips to change your mask every five hours. Some carriers have banned the use of cloth masks, so be sure to check all regulations well in advance of departure.

Review any Insurance Coverage

Review your personal health insurance and make sure you have enough and all the essential health coverage for any unforeseen circumstances. You do not want to burn a hole into your wallet and make a dent in your savings. 

Pro Tip: Your credit card insurance includes coverage for disability, and critical illness for travel outside of your province or state.


We wish you a safe trip and a memorable experience. May the force be with you! 

For the joy of the journey #VoyageWithViaggio

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