7 Tips To Plan The Perfect Summer Vacation In 2022

Categorized as Adventure, Checklist, Guide, Travel
Categorized as Adventure, Checklist, Guide, Travel

With travel restrictions around the globe eased, we’re gearing up to travel again. However, traveling after the lockdowns of 2020 and restrictions 2021 can feel daunting without restrictions. Like most of the population, you may have gotten used to sticking to local tourism. However, the summer of 2022 is almost here, and we’re craving a little getaway! 

If you’re one of the folks finally planning to brave the great outdoors this summer, you may need some clues to give you a headstart. When you’re out of touch, planning a vacation can become overwhelming and a trigger for anxiety- which is ironic, considering you’re taking this vacation to relax!

This blog will give you all the information you need to get packing and plan the most fabulous summer getaway ever. Let’s get started right away!

Your 7-step cheatsheet to planning smart is mentioned below, missing none of the finer details.

  • Research your dream destination well:

    The best way to zero down on a travel-worthy destination is to research it well. Find the best time to visit, historical sites, youth-centric events, and other things you may be interested in exploring. This will help you develop a deep appreciation for the location and help with informed tourism. If you’re mulling over places you could head to, you could read about the best summer getaway destinations we’re dreaming of in 2022!

  • Book your tickets and accommodation early:

    If you’re eagerly waiting for summers to arrive, so are thousands of others waiting to travel. Flights and hotels tend to become more expensive or sell out quickly in such circumstances, which is why once you decide the dates and place for your upcoming holiday, make your bookings as soon as possible. This will also help you receive more discounts and a preferential pick of seats, coaches, or rooms.

  • Create an itinerary and have a backup:

    Once your bookings are out of the way, you can now create an itinerary covering the best places to see. Our advice would be to choose sites that interest you personally over the cult favorites. If you’re unsure how to cover these places, start with the ones closest to your accommodation and change your living arrangements based on the distance you’d like to cover. 

  • Create a budget and stick to it:

    It’s easy to get carried away while planning a trip. You may feel the need to splurge, but decide to be prudent with your spending. Traveling becomes 1.5-2x more expensive than the calculated budget since fairs and detours are variable. This applies to traveling internationally, where foreigners’ currency exchange rates and fares may differ. Plan a budget, even on a luxe package, and stick to it.

  • Pack smart:

    Learning to travel light is perhaps one of the greatest assets of a traveler that loves backpacking. Whether you’re on a luxury destination tourism package or are planning to take the most affordable route, packing smart is a skill that pays off. Pack as per the itinerary with a couple of spares. You’re probably not going to need three paperback novels while the great outdoors beckons for exploration! Traveling light helps you indulge in shopping sprees without worrying about paying for extra baggage. Carry a foldable duffle bag to the shop without worrying about storage space. 

  • Make room for detours and let go a little:

    While some changes in plans are inevitable, they’re not a detriment. Leave some space for spontaneous adventures and let go of your inner urge to micromanage. A vacation is meant to be fun, and what’s fun without spontaneity? Take the scenic route and enjoy sightseeing at underrated haunts. There are plenty of hidden gems you can discover when you get acquainted with the locals.

  • Ensure you look up the COVID-19 protocol of the said destination:

    Even though most of the frequented travel destinations have opened up, some pandemic protocols are still under effect. You must do your homework and look up the latest COVID-19 guidelines as well as quarantine or testing protocols for your preferred location. One of the most crucial aspects to look into is the number of cases or any new variant affecting this region to stay as safe as possible while making the most of your summer vacay goals. Fear Not! Because we have the ultimate Safe Travel Checklist to guide you through your next journey and make your vacation a pleasant and memorable one.

Viaggio Makes Every Vacation Effortless

One of the downsides of traveling after such a long gap is the broken habit of efficiently planning your trip without breaking a sweat. What may have sparked an innate sense of excitement in you may now give you some anxiety thinking of all the preparations, packing, and paperwork involved with traveling. With Viaggio, you wouldn’t have to worry about the big or little things since we’re one of the most trusted names in the industry. We hope our blog got your wanderlust revved up; stay tuned to read more about the hottest travel destinations in 2022!


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